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This is the download page for the Army Doctrine Audiobook of Field Manual (FM) 1-0, Human Resources Support (August 2021). FM 1-0 provides commanders, staffs, and Soldiers at all echelons, an understanding of Human Resources (HR) support operations at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of warfare, laying the foundation for responsive, integrated, synchronized, continuous, timely, and accurate HR support. FM 1-0 further emphasizes how HR professionals, HR organizations, and HR systems work together with the combatant commander to support readiness, modernization and reform, to compete against peer threats and prevail in large-scale combat operations.

Download the authenticated/print version here.

Audiobook Access/Download:

The Army Doctrine Audiobook provides users with an alternate format for accessing FM 1-0. It has been abridged to meet the requirements of the audiobook format. Click on each of the chapters below to play. To download a chapter, right click and save the audio file to your computer or mobile device.