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(MOS 94R)

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Course Number 093 M16

United States Army Combined Arms Support Command
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The Avionic Systems Repairer Course (MOS 94R) consists of thirty-two (31) subcourses: MM0702, MM0703, MM0704, MM0705, MM0706, MM0309, IT0300, IT0332, IT0333, IT0334, IT0335, IT0336, IT0337, IT0338, IT0339, IT0340, IT0341, IT0342, IT0343, IT0344, IT0345, IT0350, IT0351, SA0746, IT0353, MM0322, MM0324, MM0713, IS1143, MM0327, MM0651.

It reflects the doctrine current at the time its subcourses were prepared.

Unless otherwise stated, the masculine gender of singular pronouns is used to refer to both men and women.

Proponent This course is issued by the--

U.S. Army Institute for Professional Development (AIPD)
U.S. Army Training Support Center
Newport News, Virginia 23628-0001


This course provides enlisted personnel and DA civilians with the skills and knowledge to perform aviation intermediate maintenance on aircraft survivability equipment, radar, altimeters, night vision goggles, transponders, navigation systems, and other equipment.

Must have a duty assignment or MOS in the career field.

There are no additional prerequisites or special requirements for those eligible to take this course.

Contents The course contains the subcourses listed below. Subcourses should be completed in the order shown.

MM0702, Basic Electricity Mathematics

MM0703, Basic Electricity -- Part I

MM0704, Basic Electricity -- Part II

MM0705, Electronics -- Part I

MM0706, Electronics -- Part II

MM0309, Introduction to Electronics

IT0300, Elementary Signal Theory

IT0332, Powers of Ten and Conversion of Electrical Units

IT0333, OHM's Law

IT0334, Circuits

IT0335, Introduction to Cells and Batteries

IT0336, Elements of Electrical Physics Statics

IT0337, Elements of Electrical Physics, Dynamic Electricity

IT0338, Introduction to Logical Troubleshooting

IT0339, Digital Numbering System

IT0340, Conductors, Resistors, Insulators and Color Codes

IT0341, Atomic Structure

IT0342, Basic Operations of Boolean Algebra

IT0343, Basic Concepts of Boolean Algebra Conversions

IT0344, Basic Laws of Boolean Algebra

IT0345, Boolean Simplification, Veitch Diagrams

IT0350, AC Theory-Related Mathematics and the Generation of a Sine Wave

IT0351, Capacitance

SA0746, Capacitive Reactance, Capacitance and RC Transients in RC Series and Parallel Circuits

IT0353, Inductance

MM0322, AM Radio Receivers

MM0324, FM Radio Receivers

MM0713, Electrical/Electronic Safety

IS1143, Radio Wave Propagation and Antennas

MM0327, Frequency Synthesis

MM0651, Shop Practices and Safety

Informal Access

Feel free to preview any (or all) of the component subcourses by activating the hyperlink(s) above to see if it (they) meet(s) your needs, to study it (them) without committing to formal enrollment, or use it (them) as an on-line desk reference.




The Army Correspondence Course Program courses/subcourses are available to U.S. Active and Reserve military officers, warrant officers, and enlisted personnel; Reserve Officers' Training Corps, National Guard Officer Candidate School, West Point cadets, and authorized federal civilian employees.

Military personnel must have enough time remaining in service to complete the course/subcourse in which they request enrollment.

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Taking the Course/Subcourses On-Line

Taking the

You do not have to wait for enrollment verification before beginning. You can start immediately. Everything you need to complete the course's component subcourses is provided on-line. You will need no additional materials, nor will any be sent to you. View and study all materials (including practical exercises), and take the subcourse final examinations.

the exams

REMINDER: To receive credit for the subcourses toward course completion, you must have received course enrollment verification by e-mail before taking any subcourse examination.

Once you complete an individual examination and "submit" your responses, you will be notified immediately if you have, or have not, earned a passing grade. You will receive your final grade (Completion Notice) by mail.



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If you have any questions about the course or any of its component subcourses, call or e-mail one of the points of contact listed below. Be sure you specify the subcourse on which you have a question:
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