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United States Army Chaplain Center and School
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The Chaplain Assistant Advanced Sustainment Training Course (MOS 56M40) consists of seven (7) subcourses: CH0607, IS3005, IS1600, IS8700, IS8701, IS8710, and IS8711.

It reflects the doctrine current at the time its subcourses were prepared.

Unless otherwise stated, the masculine gender of singular pronouns is used to refer to both men and women.

ProponentThis course is issued by the--

U.S. Army Institute for Professional Development (AIPD)
U.S. Army Training Support Center
Newport News, Virginia 23628-0001


This course provides personnel with skills and knowledge needed to serve as a Senior UMT NCO at division staff chaplain section level in the rank of SFC.

Members of the Active Army or Reserve Components in MOS 56M30 whose assignments require the skills and knowledge available through this course.

There are no additional prerequisites or special requirements for those eligible to take this course.

ContentsThe course contains the subcourses listed below. Subcourses should be completed in the order shown.

CH0607, Unit Ministry Team Leadership

IS3005, Safeguarding Defense Information

IS1600, Chaplain Support Activities Basic

IS8700, Overview of Training Management

IS8701, Prepare to Conduct Training

IS8710, Planning Training

IS8711, Executing and Assessing Training

Informal Access

Feel free to preview any (or all) of the component subcourses by activating the hyperlink(s) above to see if it (they) meet(s) your needs, to study it (them) without committing to formal enrollment, or use it (them) as an on-line desk reference.




The Army Correspondence Course Program courses/subcourses are available to U.S. Active and Reserve military officers, warrant officers, and enlisted personnel; Reserve Officers' Training Corps, National Guard Officer Candidate School, West Point cadets, and authorized federal civilian employees.

Military personnel must have enough time remaining in service to complete the course/subcourse in which they request enrollment.

To enroll in this course, go to the My Courses Home tab on this site, find the module of interest, activate the enroll button (ENROLL) and complete on-screen enrollment requirements.

Taking the Course/Subcourses On-Line

Taking the

You do not have to wait for enrollment verification before beginning. You can start immediately. Everything you need to complete the course's component subcourses is provided on-line. You will need no additional materials, nor will any be sent to you. View and study all materials (including practical exercises), and take the subcourse final examinations.

the exams

REMINDER: To receive credit for the subcourses toward course completion, you must have received course enrollment verification by e-mail before taking any subcourse examination.

Once you complete an individual examination and "submit" your responses, you will be notified immediately if you have, or have not, earned a passing grade. You will receive your final grade (Completion Notice) by mail.



Points of
If you have any questions about the course or any of its component subcourses, call or e-mail one of the points of contact listed below. Be sure you specify the subcourse on which you have a question:
  • For questions about content, contact:
  • Commander
    US Army Chaplain Center and School
    Bldg 10100
    Fort Jackson, SC 29207-7035

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