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Armor Captains Career Course

Product Number

Title Armor Captains Career Course

1 September 2006

Supersedes NA

Proponent Commandant
USA Armor School
Bldg 1101, 111 East Chaffee Avenue
Fort Knox, KY 40121-5256

Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

Course is releaseable to students from all requesting foreign countries without restrictions.

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To prepare combat arms officers to command armor and other combined arms units at company/team level and prepare them to serve as assistant operations officers at battalion and brigade level.

This TATS course consists of five phases: Fundamentals of Armor/Cavalry Tactics and Doctrine, Task Force Offense, Company/Team Offense and defense, ISR OPS, Security OPS, Targeting, Company Command, Stability Operations, and Brigade Joint Effects. Summary of Phases: Phase 1 consists of 71 hours of common core instruction delivered as asynchronous distance learning via the internet. Phase 1 will be conducted concurrently through phase four and must be completed before attending phase five, the second ADT period. Phase 2 consists of 75 hours of asynchronous dL instruction which covers armor branch specific tasks. Phase 2 must be completed before attending Phase 3 the first ADT period. Phase 3 consists of a two week resident (ADT) where students apply and expound on the fundamental concepts from phase 2. Phase 3 must be completed before attending Phase 4. Phase 4 is 150 hours of dL and consists of a blended learning approach employing both asynchronous and synchronous technologies to instruct fundamental concepts of battalion/brigade operations and preparing the student for the culminating phase of the CCC. Students must complete Phase 4 before attending phase 5. Phase 5 is the culmination of the training and consists of the second two week resident (ADT) phase.

The course is designed so that students are not required to attend more than 1 ADT per fiscal year.

Active or Reserve Component Officers of the U.S. Army in the grade of 1LT or CPT who are graduates of an officer basic course. May also be active or Reserve Component USMC Company grade Armor officers, or may include active or Reserve Component Armor officers who attend another branch's Captain's Career Course.

How to
Access Product
This is DA Quota manage. Student must be enrolled through ATRRS.

Special Instructions: When students are registered for this course in ATRRS they receive an e-mail notification from the course manager with instructions on accessing the course online.

If soldiers want to use these materials for reach back/refresher they may self enroll using their AKO user name and password. The login address is https://adl.knox.army.mil/CoreUMW/Login.asp